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Learn how to track the right data to know what stress reducing tools are working for you.

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One size Does Not Fit All.

Learn how to track the right data to know what stress reducing tools are working for you.

  • Learn what your body needs to get into the right amount of Deep and Rem Sleep so you can heal and repair and be ready for your day
  • Know when you are making progress and when your baseline is off so you can quickly make adjustments before you slide too far.
  • Learn which specific lifestyle and training behaviors affect recovery so you can recover faster and push harder without burning your body out.
  • Figure out what bio-hacking tools work for your body and which ones don’t so you can stop wasting your time and money on the ones that don’t benefit you.
  • Learn how to know what data to look at to help avoid overtraining and undertraining and get it just right to excel your body to the next level.



By Joining Coaching You Gain Access To ALL Premium Programs As They Roll Out in addition to Coaching With Our Performance Optimization Team.

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Andi has worked successfully with hundreds of highly driven First Responders, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Investment Brokers, Lawyers, and others in the Corporate World helping them get out of burnout and learn how to perform optimally by

  • Improving their sleep
  • Recovery
  • Brain Focus and Productivity

Showing them how to take back control of their stress system so they can not only remain Calm, Cool & Collected in  high stress situations, but also at home and in their personal life where anger and anxiety can wreak havoc on your personal life.

If you are ready to get out of burnout once and for all and up your game to perform optimally so that you can crush your goals and strive for more in your life at work and at home then coaching is for you.

Excel your progress in our programs through coaching where we help create action plans that work into your life without overwhelm

If you are ready to eliminate your productivity pitfalls (aka. burnout symptoms) once and for all and up your game to perform optimally so that you can crush your goals and strive for more in your life at work and at home then coaching is for you.


Each of our BioStressHacker programs is also available for individual purchase without coaching.

The Vagus Nerve program is the base foundation to getting out of burnout.

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The Vagus Nerve program is the base foundation to getting out of burnout.

This is the program that we recommend everyone goes through first.  

In this program you will gain an understanding into how our vagus nerve works and its role in burnout recovery & simple, yet effective ways to strengthen your vagus nerve so you:

  • Become in charge of the switch that moves your body from a stressed state and relaxed state.
  • Stop reacting quickly to situations and can start approaching them in a calm, resourceful way.
  • Don’t let things bother you as much

And have a solid foundation to build on as you are reversing your burnout.


Learn how to increase your sleep quality so that you wake up with a full battery and clear mind to start your day.

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Sleep is when your body repairs itself and your mind stores learnings from your day and aids in solving problems in your business and personal life.  

Burnout creates sleep issues and sleep issues add to burnout.  

It’s a vicious rollercoaster ride and it’s time to stop the ride and get your sleep back on track.    

The problem is that not one solution works for everyone.  

In this program you will learn sleep strategies from

Supplements, teas, homeopathics

  • Sleep habits
  • Nutrition hacks &
  • Other biohacking strategies

Along with the tools to figure out once and for all which strategies are  working for you and which ones aren’t.  

So you can excel your progress faster and also know where to spend your money and time and which ones to leave.

The Sleep program is being created right now and will be released at the end of 2021.   

We can help you in the coaching program before then if you’d like to get started now.

Clean up your body’s filtration system and clear the debris that can attribute to burnout.

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The lymphatic system is one of the most powerful systems in your body when it comes to health.

Lymph are responsible for circulating all of the fluids other than blood in our body.  

Think of the filter in a fish tank when it’s working and not working. 

A sluggish lymph leaves toxins and other crap in our body that needs to come out and can’t circulate fluids back into our bloodstream causing a slew of health issues. 

When we are in burnout our lymph system is often sluggish.   

Learning how to get it flowing again can:

  • Increase energy
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation in the body
  • Allow your brain to clear 
  • And more….

We are pulling out pieces from our First Responder program, adding new research and learnings and adapting it to you and your life.  

Lymph & Your Stress  System will be released Early 2022. 

But, we can help you in the coaching program before then if you’d like to get started now. 

Calm your mind and take control of how Burnout Affects you.

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When you are a high achiever the bar is always set high on your daily achievements. 

And there is always something that needs to be done. 

In this program we will walk you through proven steps to:

  • Maximize your quality time with loved ones
  • Give yourself permission to take a rest when your body needs it
  • Calm anxiety and anger
  • Stay calm and focused

Even in this day and age where we are stimulated from the time we wake up until we go to bed. 

Mindset and Burnout will be released early 2022.     

We can help you in the coaching program before then if you’d like to get started now.  

Where there is stress there are often gut issues.  

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Gut and stress go hand in hand. 

When your stress system kicks in, your digestion and colon slow down because you don’t need to stop and have a meal or take a poop when you are in a stressed state. 

This creates a cascade of gut issues. 


And the list goes on… 

Now that you have your stress system more under control with the vagus nerve program we can start addressing

Why stress creates gut issues

  • What can you do on your own to help support you gut 
  • What type of testing and practitioners are able to help gut and stress issues if you need more support.  


Gut & Stress will be released mid 2022.    

We can help you in the coaching program before then if you’d like to get started now.

Fueling your body to withstand long term stress requires more than diets and trendy eating.  

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When our body is stressed it flies through vitamins and nutrients faster than we can ingest, even when we eat the healthiest diet. 

In this Nutrition & Stress Program you will learn 

  • How to support your stress system nutritionally when stressed
  • Supplements that support your stress system 
  • How to eat to give your body what it needs without diets and overwhelm.


Nutrition & Stress will be released mid 2022.    

We can help you in the coaching program before then if you’d like to get started now.  

Environmental toxins play a large role in the stress load that our body endures each and every day.  

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Environmental toxins are all around us.   There is no way we can get rid of them all.   

But we can definitely decrease the toxic load placed on our body in a simple and non overwhelming way. 

In this Environment Toxins program you will learn

  • How toxins affect our stress system.  
  • What toxins we should start looking into changing first.
  • How to reduce toxins in your home and body without overwhelm.

Environmental Toxins & Stress will be out mid  2022.  

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