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I made a tough decision to sell my former business in 2018 and transitioned my 25 year career as a very successful Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Mindset coach to high level executives and athletes transitioning to working with First Responders.  

My decision was made upon discovering why exercise and nutrition alone did not stop me from experiencing two huge burnout crashes and where the missing links were.   

 Watching my husband’s colleagues struggling with the same symptoms I had with sleep, pushing through exhaustion, short fuse, gut issues, brain fog, anxiety, depression, hypervigilance and other stress symptoms and knowing that their safety was at risk every shift on the job, I knew I had to help.   

Word spread fast with the results they were getting and others started asking for help.   I put together a team to help with the elements of the stress system that were beyond my scope of practice.  Combining that with my education and training in the human body, nutrition and mindset, I created a program that included everything that I knew was needed to perform optimally on the job and prevent and reverse burnout beyond exercise, nutrition and the basic biohacking tools.  

In May of 2018, 911 Lifestyle was born where I’ve been working  with First Responders all over North America, UK and Australia as well as speaking nationally for services.    

Covid and the stress it placed on First Responders has been a true test to my program’s success in preventing and reversing burnout.   

Through the years I’ve always helped those in my entrepreneur business coaching and mastermind groups.   Recently I started coaching many one on one, but found there were aspects of my program they were missing out on for added service and value between sessions.    So in 2021 I decided to adapt my program for First Responders so that it speaks to Entrepreneurs’ stresses and needs to reverse and prevent burnout.   

Deanna Hilderbrand – Communications Specialist

Deanna patrols our front lines supporting you and answering all of your questions.  We are not sure where we would be without her as she definitely relates to the stresses of the job, family life and has seen her share of First Responders who are experiencing PTSD and stress related health issues of the job.   

She’s not one to sit back and let her husband who wears a few hats in the First Responder world as their local Fire Chief and K-9 Officer have all the fun.   

Somewhere in between having 4 kids she also worked with her husband running the Explorer Program at their Fire service.  This program gave kids who were interested in becoming FireFighters the opportunity to experience training and other aspects of the life to see if it truly is what they want to do while instilling respect for what FireFighters do on a daily basis.  

You will find Deanna in FB, LinkedIN in and replying to emails that come in. 

Anything you say to her is strictly confidential.   Anything told to us at 911 Lifestyle and BioStressHacker stays with us.   

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