I’m going to tell you a deep, dark secret. Ready?

Here it is:


I spent 30 years as a nutrition coach and personal trainer, and right around this time of year, I’d start to hear it:

“I’m going to stop eating sugar entirely!”

“I’m going to cut out this entire food group!”

“I’m going to go to the gym for an hour, 5 days a week!”

These resolutions sound simple, but they’re huge changes that disrupt all your daily routines. And every time I knew exactly what would happen.

There’s a reason why 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail, and it’s because they’re too drastic.

It got to the point where if a person wanted to hire me to train them 5 times a week, I would say no. I knew it wasn’t sustainable, and I wasn’t going to take their money when they were fighting a losing battle.

Here’s another not-so-deep, not-so-dark secret:

There’s a simple way to set New Year’s Resolutions that stick.

Instead of setting one massive resolution in January, why not treat your health the way you treat your business?

What do I mean by that? 

Well, when you’re in business-mode, you set goals for the year, but you don’t just set them and forget them. You break them down.

An annual goal becomes a set of quarterly goals.

A quarterly goal becomes a set of monthly goals.

A monthly goal is broken down into weekly goals.

And those weekly goals become daily action items.

What would that look like in terms of health and fitness?

Maybe instead of saying “I won’t ever eat dessert,” you’d choose to simply add an extra vegetable to each meal. That could look like chicken and rice with broccoli and carrots, or a double helping of salad. And that’s all you do. What would happen?

You might lose your taste for sweet treats, or simply be fuller after supper and end up cutting your dessert portion in half or skipping it altogether. 

Either way, you’re eating healthier and the change feels more natural and less all-or-nothing (burnout LOVES all-or-nothing thinking).

What if, instead of vowing to hit the gym 5 days a week, and adding 5-10 hours to your weekly to-do list, you simply decide to do pushups when you get up in the morning. You might start only being able to do a few, but that’s OK. You just decide to do as many as you can, every day.

It only takes a few minutes, but that one tiny investment in yourself pays off years later, when you’re still able to do those 20 pushups (or more). You have better functional upper body and core strength because you kept it simple and sustainable.

To Successfully Fight Burnout in 2022 (and Always), Go Back to Basics

If your goal for your business in 2022 is to take it to the next level, working on your burnout will make a huge difference. You’ll be more focused and have the inner calm you need to really think projects out and act on your plans. You’ll also feel better in general and be able to devote more energy to building your business.

The best way to do this isn’t to crowd your Xmas list with biohacking tools (although I love them too), it’s to get back to basics. 

Let’s set goals to get you hydrating, breathing more deeply, and retraining your body’s stress systems. 

We’ll work on your sleep, gut function, and hormones—all while keeping the changes small and simple.

Track Your Progress for Better Results

One tool I do recommend is a health tracker. Just like you keep track of your progress towards your business goals and action items by looking at the numbers, you can monitor your progress towards your burnout recovery and fitness goals by using app data.

Working with a tracking app allows you to check your REM sleep and deep sleep, and work to maximize them, which gives your body time to rest and repair. 

Health Trackers help you determine what your body needs and what (minor) changes will help you recover.  As you can see if you do have one biohacking tool in your arsenal, it should be a health tracker (you can learn more in my post about the best health trackers for fighting burnout).

If you’d like some extra motivation and accountability, join our free online group. It’s a phenomenal community and we have free courses and trainings to support you along your way to recovery.

We’ve designed our group on a standalone platform so you can access the help you need without getting sucked into the Facebook vortex (we all know how that goes).

For more information, and to sign up, click here.

Andi Clark is known for her success and expertise as an Optimal Performance Coach. With over 30 years of experience coaching Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, CEO’s and and other C-Suite Professionals focusing on maximizing their energy, focus and making sure they are strong enough to withstand all the stress thrown at them each and every day so they can remain calm in the chaos.

In every businesses collecting the right data helps us know where we need to pivot and adjust in order to improve our ROI.  Guessing has us wasting time and money decreasing our ability to grow and scale.    

Achieving Optimal Performance should be treated the same. A one size fits all program will never give YOU what YOUR body needs in order to reach your performance goals.

Which is why Andi created the Performance ROI system that uses data from Health Trackers in order to personalize the right action plan for YOU so you can increase your energy, focus, drive and remain calm in the chaos and GAIN AN EDGE ON YOUR COMPETITOR.

If you are an Entrepreneur who is ready to STOP GUESSING what your body needs. And you are ready to start focusing on what will help you reach optimal performance quickly and efficiently without wasting any more time and money then watch this free video training.