Dear Entrepreneur,

You may not realize it, but you are strong and amazing. You’re creating something every day—something with meaning and depth that makes a difference in the world.

Every day, you deal with stressors and pressures that other people may never understand. You put in as many hours as you need to, ALWAYS, to make your creation a success. You push as hard as you can each and every day.

And that can lead to burnout.

Burnout can show up in your life in different ways:

  • Struggling to fall asleep
  • Your  mind can’t shut down thinking of work and wakes you once you do fall asleep
  • Feeling rundown and exhausted in the morning needing an IV drip of coffee to get going. 
  • Fighting brain fog where it takes much longer to do things that used to be quick and easy 
  • Being challenged by tasks that used to be easy
  • Feeling an overwhelming sense of urgency
  • Having trouble focusing
  • Losing your temper over next to nothing, especially at home
  • Suffering from gut issues
  • Struggling to manage your time
  • Micromanaging your staff

This isn’t even a complete list of burnout symptoms.  Burnout is a huge, complex, multi-symptom problem that shows up differently for everyone.

It’s easy to catch yourself in the middle of it and wonder why—why you? Why now?

Here are three reasons why entrepreneurs burn out, and not a single one of them is “because you’re not a strong person and shouldn’t be doing this.” That’s just bullshit. There, I said it.  All of the Entrepreneurs I’ve encountered are some of the strongest people I know.  

Reason 1: Entrepreneurs Burn Out Because We Push Ourselves

To be an entrepreneur is to be superhuman. We start out wearing alllllllll the hats and doing everything ourselves because we have to. Then we work continuously to grow and scale our business, and that comes with its own set of challenges.

We set high standards for ourselves, and we’re constantly learning and trying new things.

All of this is amazing…but it takes a toll on us. 

Our bodies can’t tell the difference between the stress of taking risks to follow our passions and being in actual danger. Our physical reaction is the same. So, if we’re not paying attention, it’s easy to push past what we can physically handle on a day-to-day basis.

Reason 2: Entrepreneurs Burn Out Because There Isn’t a Pause Button

Rollercoasters are fun and exciting…but if you rode one for 12 hours every day, it would stop feeling fun and start wearing you out, making you sick, and impairing your ability to function. 

Too much of a good thing is just as bad as too much of a bad thing.

There isn’t a pause button on a rollercoaster, but you can create one in your business. 

Here and now, I am giving you permission to pause, however that looks for you. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a walk in the middle of the day (5 min is a great start) 
  • Breathe.   Sounds simple, but is very effective.  
  • Set mini breaks in your day where you get up and move away from your desk for 5 – 15 min and do something non work related.    Bathroom,  grab a snack,  ask a colleague how their weekend was

However, you prefer to do it, take a break if you need one. It sounds counterintuitive, but you’ll come back to your task refreshed and able to be more productive and efficient (really!).

You don’t have to be “on” or “perfect” all the time. It’s fine, and necessary, to dial it back sometimes. And there are all kinds of strategies that you can try and personalize, depending on your needs and what kind of business you have.

Reason 3:  Entrepreneurs Burn Out Because We Are (Often) Highly Sensitive People

Studies show that 50% of the population are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), and it’s spread equally among men and women. HSPs are more aware, thus deeply affected by stimuli around them.  It’s more common than not for entrepreneurs to be HSPs.

On one hand this is an amazing trait as you most likely notice so much more around you than others allowing you to see problems  and come up with solutions before they get too big.   This may also be one reason you became an entrepreneur.   

On the other hand you may also be triggered faster than others by things in our environment because of how aware you and your body are.   

Triggers vary from person to person. 

You may find you need a break after having too many people around you, lights or sounds may hit you harder than others, scents (this is a big one for me) can knock the energy out of you fast. 

Note that it’s “Highly” sensitive and not “Oversensitive.” Sensitivity doesn’t make you “bad” or “weak.” It’s actually a super power once you learn how to navigate it.   And there’s a knack to understanding what works and doesn’t work for you, accepting that, and then working with it to help you function day to day.

My coaching practice teaches people how to recognize and understand what’s stressing out YOUR body. This allows you to adjust things to both maximize your nightly recovery and make sure you’re taking the pauses you need during the day. 

Burnout recovery is highly personalized and highly specific, and we use real data to shape our strategies.

If you want to learn how to beat burnout, a great first step is to check out my free training here on what burnout is and how health trackers can help us treat it effectively. You’ll receive a 5-video training, plus a checklist of burnout and overdrive symptoms.   

Let’s kick burnout’s ass!

Andi Clark is known for her success and expertise as an Optimal Performance Coach. With over 30 years of experience coaching Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, CEO’s and and other C-Suite Professionals focusing on maximizing their energy, focus and making sure they are strong enough to withstand all the stress thrown at them each and every day so they can remain calm in the chaos.

In every businesses collecting the right data helps us know where we need to pivot and adjust in order to improve our ROI.  Guessing has us wasting time and money decreasing our ability to grow and scale.    

Achieving Optimal Performance should be treated the same. A one size fits all program will never give YOU what YOUR body needs in order to reach your performance goals.

Which is why Andi created the Performance ROI system that uses data from Health Trackers in order to personalize the right action plan for YOU so you can increase your energy, focus, drive and remain calm in the chaos and GAIN AN EDGE ON YOUR COMPETITOR.

If you are an Entrepreneur who is ready to STOP GUESSING what your body needs. And you are ready to start focusing on what will help you reach optimal performance quickly and efficiently without wasting any more time and money then watch this free video training.