One solution to burnout recovery is not the same for everyone and left us with a question …

How in the heck do I know which burnout solutions are the right ones for me

In my last blog What is the Difference Between Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue we discovered that many different health issues can rear their ugly head when you are experiencing Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout.   

Burnout is a beast.  But recovering from it doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming.  

Burnout Recovery Basics 

The medical health issues that arise from burnout are vast.  

  • Leaky gut, chrones, colitis, IBS
  • Gallbladder issues
  • High Cholesterol or Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar struggles and diabetes
  • High toxins in the body
  • Hormones struggles – early menopause, Estrogen dominance,  low Testosterone
  • PCOS, 
  • Fertility Issues
  • Low Testosterone
  • Thyroid struggles
  • PTSD
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cancer and more…  

Each health issue above does require a different treatment protocol.  

BUT there is often one common denominator with everyone who has symptoms of burnout and overdrive. 

And that is that their body is overloaded with too much stress.  

Based on my experience successfully working with First Responders and Business Professionals who had many of the health issues listed above: If they did not learn how to manage their day to day stress triggers AND learn how to take back control of their stress system…. then no matter how much progress they made on healing their gut, hormones and other health issues, their health eventually took a slide again bringing back on the same health issue they just healed, or another would take its place because they often missed the first step.   

The Steps To Burnout Recovery

Step 1Use a health tracker

(Whoop Band, Oura Ring, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin) to figure out what stressors are affecting you on a day to day basis.   

Each of us reacts differently to stressors.   Health trackers have become an invaluable tool when I am coaching professionals through their burnout recovery process.   My blog Can Health Tracking Apps Prevent and Reverse Burnout dives deeper into how I use health tracking apps with my clients.   

The quick and dirty is that understanding how to read the data from your health tracker will tell you which simple changes you can make to take stress off of your body.   Each change compounds over time decreasing the stress burden on your body.  

Step 2 – Stop your stress system from taking over your body and kicking in from every stress in your day.  

Your body has never adapted since caveman days when it comes to its response to stress.  But back then the stressors were where to get food, being chased by a lion and severe weather.    Now we have to contend with the stress of never ending emails in our inbox,  blue lights,  traffic, time restraints,  financial stressors,  family stressors, toxins and the list goes on.   

Learning how to know when your body has kicked into a stressed state and being able to switch back into a resting state is a game changer in taking back control of your stress system.   Which explains why our first program we have anyone go through regardless of their stress symptoms is our Vagus Nerve Program.    

Step 3 – Start tackling your health symptoms.

I’m definitely making this sound like it’s one quick easy step, but it’s not.   There are stages to this as well. 

When I was trying to figure out how to get myself out of burnout I struggled with finding the right practitioner.   I didn’t know what was going on in my stress system and was desperate for relief, so anyone who said they could help and explained their specialty and how it would benefit me I tried.  Some were big fails that put me further into a stressed state and some helped a bit. 

It was only once I truly understood how my stress system worked that I was able to find the right practitioner and solutions for me.   

First it’s important to understand why you are experiencing these health symptoms so you know where to go for help.  Often there are western and holistic/functional medicine options available to you.   

Then second, find the right practitioner to help you recover.  

Once I recovered I made a pact with myself that I would not let anyone struggle the way I had.   

Which is why I now teach you all of the different stress triggers that bring on burnout.  Then we dive into how your stress system reacts to stress so you understand your symptoms. And finally I arm you with all of the information and questions you need to find the right practitioner near you to tackle your health symptoms. 

Burnout Recovery Expectations 

How many years did it take you to burn out?  We can’t expect to get out overnight, can we?   Patience and consistency are the key to success.   

Those who are the most successful make one small change at a time so that it fits into their life easily and isn’t overwhelming.  

Using a health tracker allows them to see their progress,  stay motivated and make the right changes.   

Progress may be slow at times, but going at a pace where you can keep it up long term is what will allow you to build habits that you can maintain and will keep you out of burnout again in the future.  

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Andi has worked in the health and wellness space since 1998.  But even though her expertise is on health and nutrition, it  wasn’t enough to prevent her from experiencing burnout to the point where she could not be active in her daily life. 

Through her own journey to get her sleep, energy, motivation/drive and moods back on track she faced many challenges before she figured out all of the pieces of the puzzle to burnout recovery.    

Andi told herself she would not let anyone struggle for as many years like she had. 

Through BioStressHacker she now teaches high achieving professionals how to find the right solution for their specific burnout symptoms and what is needed once recovered, to perform optimally. 

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