Since incorporating the use of health tracking apps such as Whoop, Oura Ring, and the Apple Watch into my burnout prevention program clients have excelled in their burnout recovery and here is why. 

Burnout is a beast.   

We all know that the cause of burnout is an overload of stress on our body.  

I dive deep into each of these stressors and burnout symptoms in our blog What is the Difference Between Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue so I’ll give you the coles notes version for the sake of understanding how health trackers help burnout recovery.  

  1. The number of stressors in our daily life can vary drastically from one person to another.   Even two people that live in the same house and work together will experience different stressors.  
  2. Taking into account genetics, family and personal health history and other factors the health symptoms that each of us experience when in burnout also varies from person to person.   

Conclusion:  If different parts of your stress system are affected more or less than someone elses and different health symptoms occur as well when we are experiencing burnout then One Burnout Solution CAN’T BE The Same For Everyone.  

How do you know the right solution for you?    

Understanding how to read the data on your health tracking app can give you so much insight as to when you are on the right path and when you are steering away from it.    

Let’s use exercise as an example.   

Exercise pushes your body’s systems, gets your blood pumping, adrenaline going and creates microtears in your muscles so that when you are sleeping they can heal and repair stronger.   

Depending on the stage of burnout you are in, exercise can be too much of a stress for your body and instead of being a stress reliever. This can put you further into burnout.   Crazy to think as most of the information out there tells you to work out to stay healthy and prevent burnout.   

Knowing your HRV, deep sleep and the slope and time that your heart rate dropped in your sleep can tell you on any given day if you should be working out hard or taking it easy.   

For some, like myself when I started using my Oura ring to track my burnout recovery I found that most days I was not able to push in a tough workout.   This was tough for me coming from the health and fitness field my entire adult life.    

Slowly as I recovered I had more and more days that I could push in workouts.   

Before I started tracking and continually guessing what my body needed, I would often set myself back making recovering from burnout frustrating and often left me feeling like I was never going to get out of burnout.   

Exercise isn’t the only burnout tool we can use  health tracking data to help in burnout recovery. 

The list is large.  Here are a few to give you an idea.   


What you eat and when

Biohacking tools –  blue light blocking glasses, infrared saunas, cold therapy,  weighted blankets

Gut healing protocols

Hormone treatments



And more… 

When you know how to read the data you will know which tools are helping and which ones aren’t so you know which ones to invest your time and money into and recover faster.     

Having Data That Moves The Needle A  Bit Is Motivation 

No one ever goes to bed and wakes up to find that burnout is gone. It took a while to get into burnout and it takes time to get out.  

There are many different steps that need to happen to get out of burnout that we lay out for you in The best burnout recovery solutions.     

Burnout recovery takes time and patience.  There are days where you may wonder if what you are doing is even benefitting you because the progress can be slow.   Tracking your data will show you the improvements.   

I remember when I started tracking and my HRV raised 1ms above my average nightly score.  This was a signal that my body recovered better that night than it usually does.   

Watching my REM and DEEP sleep times increase meant my body and brain were healing when I was sleeping.   2 min more was like I’d won a 5k race.   When it got to 1hr30 min consistently I thought I’d won the jackpot!    

Seeing these numbers told me my body was healing and repairing while I was sleeping FINALLY!   It took a bit of time for me to see how that played out in my day to day activities –  clearer brain,  more energy,  less moods…   

Had I not known that what I was doing was increasing my REM and DEEP sleep I would not have known I was making positive steps and the odds are I would have changed things up because I wasn’t seeing changes in my day to day symptoms.    

Every small step is one step closer to your goal.   Each step compounds and is a step out of burnout and back to living life again.   

Using a health tracking app helps you see more steps and help you know you are on the right path.   

Keeps You Accountable 

Let’s say you had a burnout coach and every week they had you fill out a journal with your food, exercise, energy, stressors, moods, supplements and sleep time.  

Would it be 100% accurate?  

This is not a judgement question.   I track my supplements and food for one of my practitioners and if I don’t do it the day of, I totally forget and have to guess at it.   For the supplements, I often just cut and paste what I did the day before not remembering if I actually remembered to take them or not.  

And without having the same eye as a coach would you know that the time you ate or a deadline at work or a tough workout was a stressor?   Probably not.   Which means you wouldn’t write it down.  

Then when your burnout coach looks at your journal and things you didn’t know were important aren’t listed or forgot to write down.  They are scratching their head and for the life of them, can’t figure out why your gut is acting up more this week than usual or your sleep is off.   

Being in the health and wellness field for almost 30 years now this used to be me.   

Once I started using health trackers to collect my clients data I was able to see where there was stress in their week.   Together we talk and uncover stressors that they had no idea were stressors.   Or knew they were, but didn’t realize how much they were affecting their body.  

Health tracking data never lies.  

It will keep you accountable and motivated when you KNOW you are on the right track for what your body needs.   


The more you learn about the data that your tracker gives you and relate the data to your life; the more you are able to make small changes that will have a huge impact on the stress your body faces, daily.  

And when you are trying to figure out deeper burnout treatments and testing and working on protocols to get out of burnout once and for all, understanding your data or having a coach that understands it is a game changer to keeping you accountable.


Health Trackers keep you accountable, motivated and on track in your burnout recovery.    

If you’d like to learn more about Health Tracking Apps – 

  • Learn what your body needs to get into the right amount of Deep and Rem Sleep so you can heal and repair and be ready for your day
  • Know when you are making progress and when your baseline is off so you can quickly make adjustments before you slide too far.
  • Learn which specific lifestyle and training behaviors affect recovery so you can recover faster and push harder without burning your body out.
  • Figure out what biohacking tools work for your body and which ones don’t so you can stop wasting your time and money on the ones that don’t benefit you.
  • Learn how to know what data to look at to help avoid overtraining and undertraining and get it just right to excel your body to the next level.

Then you will be interested in our Heart Rate Variability Course.   

Andi has worked in the health and wellness space since 1998.  But even though her expertise is on health and nutrition, it  wasn’t enough to prevent her from experiencing burnout to the point where she could not be active in her daily life. 

Through her own journey to get her sleep, energy, motivation/drive and moods back on track she faced many challenges before she figured out all of the pieces of the puzzle to burnout recovery.    

Andi told herself she would not let anyone struggle for as many years like she had. 

Through BioStressHacker she now teaches high achieving professionals how to find the right solution for their specific burnout symptoms and what is needed once recovered, to perform optimally. 

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