Performance Optimization Coaching for Success driven, high achieving Entrepreneurs.


Who want to take back control of their  sleep, energy, brain focus, and productivity.

GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE in their business so they can continue to make their impact on the world.



If you’ve tried everything –  healthy eating, exercise, supplements, biohacking tools…

And you haven’t been able to get your energy, focus and productivity back on track… 

There is a way to find out what’s really going on.

How To Gain A COMPETITIVE EDGE In Your Business

This is the most helpful program – in the last 2 months my sleep situation has improved significantly.

My lack of sleep was preventing me from reaching the level of performance in my job and at home that I strive for. This program and community have helped me fix that issue.


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People at my work were noticing that I was not as angry or short with folks and that I was using my “authoritative voice” properly.


How many of these PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS are you experiencing?  

☐  Sleep – tired and wired, waking mid sleep

☐  Exhaustion

☐  No/Low motivation & drive

☐  Low sex drive / testosterone

☐  Short fuse

☐  Brain fog, decrease of short term memory

☐  Need to control everything

☐  Easily frustrated by things that never used to bother you

☐  Digestive Issues – diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, indigestion…

☐  Sugar, carb or salt cravings 

☐  Require coffee or energy drinks to make it through your day

☐  Blood pressure, and heart health issues

☐  High cholesterol

☐  Anxiety, always on edge/high alert. 

☐  Depression

☐  Nagging Injuries

☐  Constant colds/flus/allergies

☐  Feel like you are spinning in circles never getting anything done in your day

☐  Know you need to stop and take a break, but can’t get ahead enough to do so 

And more…

How many checks did you get and how long ago did the first symptoms start to creep in?

Knowing the signs your body gives you when your stress system is taxed is the first step to understanding what is going on.

Using that knowledge to take action and reverse these performance pitfalls is absolutely something you have control over.

I love this program and even though I’m not 100%, I am 100% better than when I started.


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