After SUCCESSFULLY reversing burnout in First Responders since 2018 and due to the high demands and stress in 2020/2021 that businesses had to take on, we at BioStressHacker are adapting our proven stress reducing programs that works for First Responders to now include

Investment Brokers Lawyers
… and others in the high pressure Corporate World

Where we guide you to take back control of your stress system so you not only remain Calm, Productive & Focused with Energy at work, but also at home and in your personal life where low motivation, drive and anger tends to rear its ugly head first. 



/tHow many of these burnout symptoms are you experiencing?  

☐  Sleep – tired and wired, waking mid sleep

☐  Exhaustion

☐  No/Low Motivation & Drive

☐  Low sex drive / testosterone

☐  Short fuse

☐  Brain fog, decrease of short term memory

☐  Need to control everything

☐  Easily frustrated by thing that never used to bother you

☐  Digestive Issues – diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, indigestion…

☐  Sugar, carb or salt cravings 

☐  Require coffee or energy drinks to make it through your day

☐  Blood pressure, and heart health issue, 

☐  High cholesterol

☐  Anxiety, always on edge/high alert. 

☐  Depression

☐  Nagging Injuries

☐  Constant colds/flus/allergies

☐  Feel like you are spinning in circles never getting anything done in your day

☐  Know you need to stop and take a break, but can’t get ahead enough to do so 

☐  And more…

How many checks did you get from each and how long ago did the first symptoms start to creep in?   

Knowing the signs your body gives you when your stress system is taxed is the first step to understanding what is going on.  

Using that knowledge to take action and reverse your burnout symptoms is absolutely something you have control over.    

If a First Responder can do it during Covid when they are working 24, 48 and even some 96 hour shifts covering for colleagues who are off recovering with all of the stressors and demands of their job and family life without more overwhelm added into their day, then you can absolutely reverse burnout as well.     

One thing to note is there is not one solution for everyone.  

Which is why we start off by teaching you how to know what stress reducing strategies are best for YOU & YOUR LIFESTYLE and how to adapt these strategies as you grow and change through different stages of life.    

If you have tried everything –  healthy eating, exercise, biohacking tools, meditation, journaling, testing through your doctor, supplements and more…  

And they haven’t works…  There is a reason.   

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by Andi Clark


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